Ms. Rutledge came to the study of meditation as a path toward personal healing after struggles with the effects of Lyme Disease as well as PTSD, depression, and anxiety and found that it helped her in ways when many other approaches failed. This led her to training as a Mindful Meditation Teacher at the Nalanda Institute for Contemplative Science in Manhattan. Through the institute she learned the science and practice of mindfulness meditation, methods of mindfulness for self-healing, the healing applications of loving-kindness meditation and the methods of confidence building through mindfulness and loving-kindness practice.

She has taught classes and lead meditation exercises for a wide range of business and cultural institutions, from IBM, NACTO, and (Walmart) to the Girl Scouts of America to public institutions such as the Shelter Rock Public Library and Jersey City Public Library. In these roles, she has been an in-house teacher, guided mindfulness meditations, taught mindfulness for children, as well as corporate mindfulness and creative visualization.

Ms. Rutledge brings to her classes and workshops a graciousness for the second chance that mediation has given her and a passionate desire to aid others with their suffering as she has similarly been aided. She has an expertise in Loving-Kindness/Metta meditation and skills in leading meditation toward mindfulness, self-healing, self-worth and creative visualization.

In addition to her skills with meditation, she has significant experience in the arts as an actress and producer in films screening at such venues as the Los Angeles and Slamdance Film Festivals, as well as experience as a ceramicist and owner at RoughWare.

​Bio Credit: Mike Cecconi

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"This was one of my favorite sessions! The sound bath was amazing!"

garten about listing Virtual Self Care Workshop 4 months ago.

Very relaxing - a great way to reset!

garten about listing Gratitude Meditation 4 months ago.

Amy instilled our practice of loving kindness thru the beautiful umbrella of meditation. The 30-minute session she lead was informative, calming and just right for a busy work day.

On the admin side, she was very quick with responding to my emails and messages. I couldn't have asked for a better partner in wellness.

Anamaria about listing Loving-Kindness Meditation (Metta) 10 months ago.