Susan Kolon

I am an enthusiastic and effective wellness coach and health educator. I help employees improve their health in areas like emotional health, stress management, career, nutrition and physical activity. Clients think of me not as their therapist or best friend, but rather as their trusted passenger as they drive on the highway of health, helping them navigate toward more productivity, satisfaction and creativity on a journey to better overall wellbeing.

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Certified Compliance Training - Workplace Safety
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Dance & Music
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Licensed Medical Screenings & Services
Licensed Mental Health Services
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Licensed Massage & Bodywork
Certified Yoga
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Tell us about any past clients you've worked with:: I have delivered 100 presentations to clients with high reviews! My collaborative approach allows participants to learn and engage with each other in a fun environment. I was named a WELCOA Top 100 Health Promotion Professional and am a frequent contributor to the Optimal Health Daily podcast, which has 25 million downloads.
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Susan was engaging, informative, empathetic, and gave great examples. She did great checking in to the temperature of the group, answered questions informatively, and gave a guided meditation at the end.

Karen about listing Improving Your Mental Fitness 2 years ago.

Susan was awesome and engaged the team. She took the time to make sure she answered everyones questions and gave some really good information everyone could take away from the session.

Karen about listing Improving Your Mental Fitness 3 years ago.