Breaking Through Fear & Anxiety

Many employees are suffering with more stress than you likely realize. Performance anxiety, insecurities and self-worth issues, mental fatigue, personal challenges at home, financial strain, and unspoken physical health issues or emotional imbalances are just a few daily stressors that affect each and every one of us in the workplace. Constant strain and stress not only adds to an anxious body and mind, it can break down the system and wreak physical havoc. Productivity, relationships, and health are some of the areas that are highly affected. In this workshop, Leah reveals how to transform fear into freedom and move into the life you want with clear and practical exercises and mindset tools.. Being fearless doesn’t mean the absence of fear, instead, it’s the courage to show up in our lives and address the root issue that is creating anxiety that is holding us back and robbing us of peace. Many of today’s teachers and gurus prescribe the detachment theory to attain happiness. This workshop will reveal why “letting go” is some of the worst advice for moving past fear, anxiety and other difficult emotions.

Attendees will learn: -Learning why letting go is the worst advice for moving on -Identifying fear and the lesson it is teaching -Meditation to calm the mind and strengthen internal weakness -Learn how fear can be your greatest teacher -Introduction to energy healing to support mental and physical stamina -Tips for stress-relief essential oils, color therapy, supplements, nutrition
About this speaker: Leah is an author of three published self-development books, is a mindfulness entrepreneur, professional development expert and author. She uses her personal triumphs over abuse, addiction and anxiety, along with more than two decades experience in private practice, to help people access their fullest potential. She is a sought-after inspirational speaker and has appeared on top media outlets as an expert on mindfulness, the mind-body connection, energy medicine, and emotional and spiritual healing.
Provider's Education: BA from University of Louisville CMT from Alive & Well Institute of Conscious Bodywork Studied at The School of Enlightenment and Healing
Provider's Experience: 22 years private practice as emotional and energetic healer, 25 years on-camera expert in holistic therapies, corporate and personal retreat facilitator and workshop leader. Meditation teacher on InsightTimer, Course Instructor on DailyOM
Reviews of this provider: "This Course is one of the best I've taken online. Leah is grounded, really knowledgable in all the areas & has given me so many ways to learn and practice. Thank you!" ~D "Leah makes everyone feel comfortable, heard & supported. She has a way w/ words & provides helpful tools to approach obstacles. During Covid, she's been extremely helpful. I look forward to each week!" ~C
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Financial Wellness
Mental Health
Celebrity or Keynote
Working From Home
Humorous, Funny
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Available as Webinar
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Available as In-Person Event
Available Nationwide
Willing to Travel
Offered in Spanish
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For Call Centers
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HRA/VEBA eligible
For 3rd Shift
For Retreats
Duration of event (in hour increments): 1 -4
Equipment buyer needs to provide: If in person, sound equipment
Equipment provided by vendor: Workshop materials
Post event tools included: none
Includes pre-event consultation: Yes
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