How to Get Highly Organized

The future of work is flexible. To attract and retain the best and brightest people, organizations need to provide resources and training to support working outside of traditional models. But how do you work with flexibility without sacrificing productivity? Get highly organized.

Designed for anyone who's ever muttered, "There aren't enough hours in the day," the H.O.W. to Get Highly Organized workshop provides practical and accessible tools that find more time.

Attendees will learn: 3 organizational philosophies to ease anxiety around the idea of getting organized; 5 habits to becoming highly organized to change ineffective patterns and behaviors for the long-term; and At least 7 "take and do" tools that can be used immediately to enhance efficiency. Tools you can use right now to: Find 30 more minutes every day. Be 40% more productive every day.
About this speaker: Carrie JD, PhD, is an innovative and strategic change agent who crafts order from chaos and solves problems for people and organizations. A consummate connector of individuals and ideas, Carrie creates structures and processes that result in greater efficiencies. Her ability to strategically set a direction, gauge progress with quantifiable metrics, and report outcomes in a precise fashion has made her a critical asset to multiple organizations. Carrie’s work has been published in professional association magazines, business journals, peer reviewed journals (print and online), and she has presented at numerous regional, national, and international conferences. Carrie’s finely honed organizational skills led her to found H.O.W. Highly Organized Woman in 2020. As a Highly Organized WomanTM, she teaches teams how to get highly organized using practical and accessible tools that find more time in the day. She’ll show you H.O.W. to show busy who’s boss.
Provider's Education: PhD, Leadership; JD, Law; MA, Leadership
Provider's Experience: As the Highly Organized Woman, she has taught thousands of people how to find time by thinking strategically about productivity, performance, and leadership progression. With boundless enthusiasm, Carrie has helped teams at private, public, small, and super-sized organizations show busy who’s boss.
Reviews of this provider: "I think this was our best event yet! Lots of great feedback."
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Financial Wellness
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