Yummy Healthy Treats - Plant Based and Nutrient Dense

Participants will learn about nutrient dense and plant based dessert recipes that will leave you feeling satisfied and energetic, instead of bloated, sluggish and asking “why did I eat that”. Eliseba will show how to substitute ingredients for healthier options and what are the benefits.

Attendees will Learn

-Plant based nutrient dense dessert recipes that are actually good for you.
-Benefits of certain ingredients for your overall health and well-being
-Plant based treats that tastes amazing
-Easy to make recipes

About this Speaker

Eliseba believes strongly in treating a person's ailment from the root cause. For her, approaching health and wellness in a holistic way is more of a lifestyle change for a person. From Eliseba's experience, through practice and guidance, this approach allows a person to become the best version of themselves and adopt a healthier way of life. Eliseba views her role as a partnership, someone that can hear her client’s thoughts and concerns and work on their goals with them, guiding them with her past and continued education and research so she can be the best version of herself for her clients.

Education and Experience

  • Fitness nutrition specialist
  • Holistic wellness coach
  • Certified in nutrition
  • Certified in yoga, meditation and pranayama.
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Available as Webinar
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Available as In-Person Event
Available Nationwide
Willing to Travel
Offered in Spanish
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For Call Centers
Especially for Men
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HRA/VEBA eligible
For 3rd Shift
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Duration of event (in hour increments): 1 Hour
Equipment buyer needs to provide: NA
Equipment provided by vendor: TBD
Post event tools included: TBD
Includes pre-event consultation: If desired