Tai Chi Classes

Tai Chi for fitness, health, and fun! This martial art is hundreds of years old and is well known for keeping practitioners young and healthy. Combining focus, relaxation, and exercise, Tai Chi is a great way to destress, productively get away, and return to work with a clear head.

Great for team building, Tai Chi teaches a series of nuanced movements that team members practice together, increasing awareness of - and synchronization with - each other.

An intro class can show you the depths this art has to offer, while ongoing classes can improve focus, strength, balance, and more. The yin and yang attitude of Tai Chi can be applied to everything from customer service to problem solving, and even negotiation skills.

The slow and gentle movements of Tai Chi are more challenging than they look!
Each movement is packed with multiple purposes. From lengthening muscles and tendons, to massaging your internal organs, everything about Tai Chi is centered on balance, mindfulness, and health.

Provider's Education: MFA Hunter College, BFA School of Visual Arts
Provider's Experience: I have been teaching since 2000 and have 30 years of study including 5 years/60 hrs per week at the Wu Tang Physical Culture Association. I have taught private lessons and traditional classes; as well as lead corporate events, medical center classes, gyms, health clubs, hotels, city agencies and both large and small businesses. I have also lead weekend workshops and week long retreats in NYC, Frankfurt, and London.
Categories that apply:
Health Fairs
Other Critera:
Available as Webinar
Recording is OK
Available as In-Person Event
Available Nationwide
Willing to Travel
Offered in Spanish
Offered in other languages
For Call Centers
Especially for Men
Especially for Women
HRA/VEBA eligible
For 3rd Shift
For Retreats
Duration of event (in hour increments): 1
Equipment buyer needs to provide: Space, quiet. Sound system if you would like music
Equipment provided by vendor: None
Includes pre-event consultation: If desired