It Depends: Intro to Ayurveda

We’re living in an age of uncertainty—about society, about work, about money, about the planet. Your health doesn’t have to be yet another source of stress around what we can’t predict for our future.

“It Depends: Embracing Uncertainty Through Ayurveda,” is a 7-part Intro to Ayurveda series where we explore the ways the building blocks of Ayurveda can clear up, and help us accept, uncertainty around what and how we eat, and how we live our lives day to day and season to season.

If you’ve ever Googled “Ayurveda” and been stumped by a dosha quiz or food list, here is the chance to have all of your questions answered—though they may not be the answers you expect. Through this series, we’ll address a fundamental principle in the Ayurvedic concept of health, from vata-pitta-kapha, to kitchari cleanses, and beyond. At the core, though, is the reply you’ll get from most practitioners if you ask them if you should drink turmeric milk or CCF tea, how to clear up the psoriasis on your arm, or which essential oil will finally help you sleep: “It depends.”

Because it is so highly personal, Ayurveda does not offer one-size-fits-all solutions to imbalances. Instead, what it asks us to do is practice mindful awareness of the present moment, observe the conditions of our mind, body, and spirit, and choose from our vast system of knowledge and tools to bring harmony to the system based on what is here, now. Instilling a sense of adaptability and confidence in our ability to act from a place of inner knowing, rather than a formula or meal plan, Ayurveda presents uncertainty as an opportunity to reclaim control of our health every moment of our lives.

Providing a thorough but accessible introduction to this ancient healing art, the series is excellent for those new to Ayurveda and those looking to deepen their studies alike. Come as you are, and we’ll relish in the freedom and beauty of not knowing together.

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