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John is an 8th Degree Black Belt, Master level teacher and have been training and teaching martial arts for 40 years. Tai Chi, Medical Qi Gong, Qi Gong are just a few of the martial arts classes and workshops he can offer. He is a professional speaker as well, speaking about health and wellness and personal growth and development, John also authored and published two books, "You Are the Common Denominator in Your Life' and "Get Out of Your Own Way"

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This was our team's first tai chi class, and everyone had so much fun learning the movements. John was a great demonstrator - he made sure to show us the positioning of his feet and also repeated steps that employees had trouble with. He was patient and gave great examples of how to imagine the movements (i.e. petting a birds tail) and this really helped me to do the movement ourselves. (Memo)

garten about listing Tai Chi Classes 1 year ago.

Johns class was very informative. He gives great information on the body and how stress affects us, as well as how to breath properly. He was also very great on the Tai Chi technique, hand and feet position, when to breathe, push, and pull. We really enjoyed the class.

Karen about listing Tai Chi Classes 2 years ago.