Danielle A Schulz is a former professional ballet dancer turned wellness aficionado. After a career at the Metropolitan Opera, she applied her distinct background to the corporate world. Danielle’s a certified yoga teacher, certified nutrition counselor, and former Ballet Beautiful trainer for celebrity clients. She launched The Triangle Sessions to help improve employee well-being and company morale. Danielle’s hosted events for Microsoft, Dell, YouTube, and more and loves bringing people together through unique experiences.

Link to a video sample: https://youtu.be/cxTQQ9xyFMc
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Certified Compliance Training - Workplace Safety
Career Services
Lifestyle Services
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Alternative Health Services
Meditation & Breathwork
Dance & Music
Nutrition & Food Services
Art Events
Team Building & Entertainment
Licensed Medical Screenings & Services
Licensed Mental Health Services
Certified Financial Services
Licensed Esthetician Services
Licensed Massage & Bodywork
Certified Yoga
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Tell us about any past clients you've worked with:: Danielle's hosted events for clients such as Microsoft, Realtor.com, First Republic Bank, Lowenstein Sandler LLP, and more. Danielle listens to the needs of the client and creates a curated experience. She's committed to keeping companies and communities connected through all work environments.
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Danielle hosted such an amazing cocktail class that employees are asking for her to come back every month! Appreciate all of the events that Danielle offers and will continue to book with her whenever she is available! :)

Alison about listing DIY Signature Cocktail Social 1 month ago.

The Tequila and Treats event was a spectacular success! I received so many wonderful responses from colleagues the following day. Everyone enjoyed the event and remarked on such a wonderful instructor. Danielle makes every event a success. Each event goes so smoothly, it's great fun to work with both Danielle and the Welnys concierge team.

Welnys about listing Tequila & Treats 1 month ago.

Tessie's presentation was great. She's energetic and engages the audience to participate.

Welnys about listing Thrive With Terrariums! 1 month ago.